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Automotive Laminated Glass

Several layers of safety glass are bound together with a transparent adhesive.It is made by placing a sheet of plastic such as celluloid between sheets of glass. The special quality of this glass is that in case of breakage the broken pieces stick to the plastic and do not fly off.

In this type of glass, a plastic film called PVB (Polyvinyl Butyral) surrounded by two layers of glass is used.PVB layer keeps glass in place while breaking, and prevents glass particles from being thrown and causing injury to passengers. In addition,,due to the elasticity, it prevents passengers from being thrown out of the automotive at time of potential accidents.

    The properties of PVB include:
  1. Reducing the transmission of high frequency sounds;
  2. Blocking entry of UV radiation up to 95%;
  3. Preventing sunlight, by painting upper part of PVB in front glass.

Other advantages of glass laminating, functionality is restored.When cracks (in the case of minor cracks) are only eats leaves PVB glass on the outside and the inside of the glass does not hurt, The Turks also a few days after the accident to an acceptable level, are restored. As you would guess you've, because having the properties listed laminating glass, commonly referred to as the windshield, are used in cars,
However, over the past 10 years limited cases for some passenger cars as well as side and rear windows are used, And now also the use of this type of glass as side and rear Shyhhay is subject to customary.