Facade glass


Types of building glass facades include: Spider, Frame Loss, Yuchenel, FaceCap

All-glass facades have been used as building cover since modern architecture. The purpose of the all-glass facade is to express the sharpness of:

  • Provide integrated view of the landscape for residents inside
  • Creating a sense of lightness and elegance in the building from the perspective of an urban observer
  • Reduce the dead load of tall buildings
  • Accelerate execution
  • Show the life inside the building from the outside, looking for the interior lights on and off during the day and night

Building interior glass

  • 1- Glass fence
  • 2- Glass partition
  • 3- Types of folding accordion doors for shop and store entrance, balcony and restaurant and entertainment centers and separation of office spaces
  • 4 - All kinds of elevator doors

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