Chairman of Guilan Glass Production and Industrial Group:

The building glass industry in Iran has been neglected

شیشه از متریال‌های جدید در معماری مدرن به‌شمار می‌رود. شیشه به‌دلیل داشتن قابلیت‌های بسیار زیاد در حوزه معماری و طراحی کاربرد روزافزونی در صنعت ساختمان‌سازی دارد. به‌ویژه اینکه استفاده از شیشه در نما و دکوراسیون داخلی بناها با کاربری‌های مختلف امکان‌پذیر است. زیبایی، سبکی، شفافیت، روشنایی، تنوع طرح و رنگ، نصب آسان و امکان ایجاد طرح‌های خاص و ابتکاری، موجب افزایش تقاضا در دهه‌های اخیر برای استفاده از شیشه‌ در نما و دکوراسیون ساختمان‌ها شده است. در کنار ویژگی‌های زیبایی و انعطاف‌پذیری، مقاومت زیاد شیشه در برابر زنگ‌زدگی و مواد شیمیایی همچون اسیدها و بازها، توجه بیشتر طراحان و معماران را به این متریال جلب کرده است. همچنین استفاده از شیشه برای نما در مقایسه با سایر مصالح منجر به کاهش هزینه‌های اجرایی و نگهداری از نما می‌شود. ضمن اینکه به‌کارگیری ظرافت شیشه در کنار استحکام فلز، موجب پدید آمدن آثاری مستحکم، ظریف و زیبا خواهد شد. شیشه انواع مختلفی همچون دوجداره، چندلایه، سکوریت، رفلکس، ضد گلوله، پیرکس، رفلکس، کریستال، سکوریت، خم، تاشو و رنگی دارد که دارای کاربردهای مختلفی هستند. یکی از تولیدکنندگان انواع شیشه در ایران، کارخانه ایمن شیشه سپهر وابسته به گروه صنایع شیشه گیلان است.


Many technologies and furnaces of Gilan Glass Group have been localized.

This company was activated in 1981 with the aim of participating in the production market of car, construction and industrial glass by constructing two factories called North Safety Glass and Gilan Glass Industries in Rasht Industrial Town. However, due to the political and economic conditions and the needs of the country at that time, it focused on the production of car glass. In its development plan, the company established a safe Sepehr glass factory in 2001, equipped with modern European lines in the industrial city of Kaveh. The purpose of creating this new site was to produce new generation car glass and meet the needs of the country's automotive industry and to complete the plans and innovations of the construction industry. In the process of developing the production line of this factory, a building glass production site with fully automatic machines and world day was launched in 1391.

The chairman of the board of directors of Gilan Glass Production and Industrial Group, stating that many of the technologies for the production of bent glass in this factory are localized by the machine-building unit of this complex, says: We have built laminate and temper furnaces with the technology and knowledge of Gilan Glass Group specialists.

Mehdi Takian expresses and adds double and double glazed glass, Securite, laminate, bent, bulletproof, anti-theft and anti-invasion, unbreakable, colored and decorative glass, among the products of Gilan Glass Group: Frameless, Uschnell and FaceCup are other products of this group.

According to her, various types of interior glass such as railings, stairs, partitions, folding accordion doors and elevators, as well as printing on glass with silk and digital printing technologies with 16 color spectrums are among the other products of this group.

Production capacity of 470 thousand square meters of glass

Tekian also states about the production capacity of this group: At present, Gilan Glass Production and Industrial Group has an annual production capacity of 160,000 square meters of double and double glazed glass, 70,000 square meters of bent glass, 40,000 square meters of bulletproof glass and about 200,000 square meters of unbreakable glass.

He also mentions the production of glass in various industries such as public transportation, safety, ATMs, entrance and exit doors and toilets from his other products. There are two.

The Chairman of the Board of Directors of Gilan Glass Production and Industrial Group, emphasizing that they have passed all domestic and foreign standards of glass production, states: We are one of the two Iranian companies that have received two standards of Aegis Glass of Belgium and Saint-Goben of France. They succeed in receiving them.

Iran consumes 40% less glass than the rest of the world

However, complaining that the construction glass industry in Iran has been neglected and has not yet found its place, Takian says: Iran is far behind other countries in the field of architecture and the per capita consumption of glass in this country is 40% due to not using double glazing. Less estimated than other countries; Because its advantages are not known among the people, and on the other hand, the city council does not allow glass facades.

At the same time, she emphasizes: the use of glass in the facade of the building is cheaper, lighter, more insulating and more diverse than other materials.

Criticizing the existence of unprofessional laws that are not related to the privileges of glass in Iran, Tekiyan states: In the developed countries of the world, the facades of buildings are made of glass and because they have used standard glass, they have no problem; Isn't the facade of Keshavarzi Bank branch of Keshavarz Boulevard in Tehran glass from 50 years ago?

He explains that there is no strict standard for double-glazed windows in the Iranian construction industry: There are small glass-making workshops in Iran, some of which not only do not have manufacturing licenses, but also produce non-standard and cheap double-glazed windows.

Takyan goes on to say that some mass-producers and building owners buy non-standard double-glazed windows and use them in the facade of the building due to the cheap price of these workshops. It is done by the Ministry of Urban Development and Tehran City Council.

Takyan goes on to say that some mass-producers and building owners buy non-standard double-glazed windows and use them in the facade of the building due to the cheap price of these workshops. It is done by the Ministry of Urban Development and Tehran City Council.

The chairman of the board of directors of Gilan Glass Production and Industrial Group, standard organizations and engineering system, municipal standard institute and building research center should have joint supervision over building glass facades, they emphasize: they should supervise the use of standard double glazing in buildings; In addition, the production glass must be able to follow and have passed the mandatory standards.

He added that the use of glass in the construction industry should be cultured: "Also, these four monitoring devices should have specific requirements in the production and use of double-glazed windows in the facades of buildings;" The Standards Organization and the Building Research Center almost certainly have these requirements, but the Engineering System Organization and the municipality have been lenient in this regard.

Emphasizing that if these requirements exist, other violating units will not produce and supply non-standard glass, Tekyan says: then all manufacturers, such as Gilan Glass, will have a standard logo installed on their glass.

Stop export of building glass due to tightening sanctions


In response to the question that due to the lack of culture in the use of glass in buildings, there is sufficient demand in the domestic market for the company's products, he states: Our production glass production capacity is more than the market demand and order; Therefore, we have a strong ability to export these products, but due to sanctions and the imposition of current conditions, it has become very difficult to enter this market.

The chairman of the board of directors of Gilan Glass Production and Industrial Group, stating that they intend to enter the field of export of construction glass, says: In this regard, we have expanded our work in the past seven months, but we faced tougher sanctions and borders were closed and communications were cut; Otherwise, we have already had the successful experience of exporting construction glass to Armenia, and today, six years later, we will be successful in this direction.

تکییان با تاکید بر اینکه فعالیت در بازار شیشه ساختمان بسیار راحت‌تر از شیشه خودرو است، توضیح می‌دهد: تولید  شیشه‌های خودرو نیاز به قالب‌های خاص هر خودرویی با استانداردهای خاص خود دارد، اما تولید شیشه ساختمانی این دشواری‌ها را ندارد.

He states that they have the possibility, tools and technical knowledge to produce building glass: if the function of customs and banks is correct and communication problems with other countries are solved, entering the processed building glass market will bring a lot of added value. Will have.

Six months sleep of Gilan glass products purchased at Iranian customs

Regarding customs problems, Tekian points out that they have not been cleared through Iranian customs many times and says: "We have imported significant materials, including raw materials, machinery, etc., which, given that we have paid the full price, have not been allowed to be cleared through customs for six months."

He referred to the published statements of the experts of the Ministry of Silence, Customs and the Central Bank and continued: "According to their opinions, this six-month suspension of goods in the country's customs has put a lot of costs on the hands of industrialists." In addition, some products, such as glass, have a limited expiration date that must be processed before the end of this period; Otherwise they will not be usable.

Tekiyan begs the question: When the head of the parliament's economic commission announces on RFE / RL that the government is financing its budget deficit by selling expensive dollars, what is left in the Iranian economy to say? As a producer, how can I produce and export?

According to Tekiyan, there are no rules in this regard, as last month the country's customs system was closed for 13 days without any explanation. Such issues are an insult to the craftsmen.

He also complains about the lack of required raw materials and states: We can not supply parts and some required raw materials from any country at any price; If we can use an alternative, we will stop production.

تکییان با تاکید بر اینکه هیچ درخواستی از دولت نداریم جز اینکه با دستورالعمل‌های غیرکارشناسی و بخشنامه‌های متمایز و تکراری باعث بلاتکلیفی و توقف تولید نشوند، ادامه می‌دهد: اجازه بدهد نمایندگان بخش خصوصی در مراجع تصمیم‌گیری حضور داشته باشند تا بدین‌ترتیب موجب رونق و اتخاذ سیاست‌های درست در راستای بهبود وضعیت شرایط اقتصادی شوند .


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