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  • Car Glass

    Manufacturer of domestic and foreign car glass, which includes 70% of the market share of domestically produced and assembled cars. It also has a history of exporting to Middle Eastern countries and the Caspian Sea basin.

  • Building Glass

    Manufacturer of facade glass, double and multi-glazed, decorative, colored, anti-disturbance and bulletproof glass, as well as manufacturer of safety, laminated, bent and other processed glass.

  • Industrial Glass

    Manufacturer of glass in various industries, including: public transportation, safety, ATMs, entry and exit doors, sanitary services and has a history in the production of home and kitchen glass.

  • Bulletproof glass

    Manufacturer of bulletproof glass in 2 normal groups and a new generation that has a very low thickness and weight and is produced in accordance with EN1063 standard using the latest technology in the world.